Delete the Recycle Bin Icon from the Desktop in XP/2003

Posted on January 8, 2009 by Daniel Petri in Windows Client OS with

How can I delete the Recycle Bin icon from the desktop in Windows XP/2003?

To delete the Recycle Bin icon from the Windows XP/2003 desktop follow these steps:

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • In Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry key:

  • Find the following key:


delete recycle bin

  • Delete the above key.

Note: As always, before making changes to your registry you should always make sure you have a valid backup. In cases where youre supposed to delete or modify keys or values from the registry it is possible to first export that key or value(s) to a .REG file before performing the changes.

  • Close Registry Editor.

There is no need to reboot. Just wait a few seconds and see how the icon disappears from the desktop.

  • In order to restore the Recycle Bin icon to the desktop just re-create the missing key (or import it back to the registry in case youve exported it earlier).

In Registry Editor, navigate to the following registry key:

  • Create the following key:


(just copy/paste, including the brackets).


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