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Basic protection for Office 365 data isn’t enough | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by and Noah Gamache (Veeam Software)

  • Microsoft Office 365’s potential data loss and security risks
  • What is protected per default Microsoft Office 365 retention policies
  • How third-party backup and recovery tools provide the data protection you need
  • How you can not only back up every part of your Office 365 Exchange environment but also learn how simple it really can be

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All you need to know about the new Veeam 9.5 Update 3 integration with HPE storage solutions | Sponsored by Veeam | HPE

Presented by Tilman Walker (HPE) and Jason Leiva (Veeam)

  • How to leverage the full HPE storage portfolio, including Nimble, StoreOnce, 3PAR and StoreEver in a complete data availability architecture
  • Best practices for achieving application SLA’s while mitigating risk from internal and external threats like ransomware.
  • How HPE and Veeam’s tight integration enables even IT generalists to easily deploy and maintain application availability

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What You Need to Know about Office 365 Security and Compliance | Sponsored by QuadroTech/Cogmotive

Presented by Doug Davis (QUADROtech/Cogmotive) and Todd Klindt (Petri IT Knowledgebase)

  • How to determine who can access what data
  • Limitations with the built-in Office 365 Security and Compliance Center
  • How to conduct a complete Discover & Audit process to provide a full audit log of all activity in Office 365, including the events the audit can show and when tracking those events might be useful
  • Use cases for Discover & Audit, including monitoring admins, incident response, preventative access/ security review

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Real-Time Active Directory Auditing, Monitoring, and Alerting | Sponsored by ManageEngine

Presented by Sean Deuby (Petri IT Knowledgebase) and Derek Melber (Manage Engine)

  • Overcome the weaknesses of the out of box Microsoft tools
  • Leverage security log information to generate reports and alerts
  • Develop customized reports and alerts that give you clear insights into potential attacks
  • Gain control over privileged access into Active Directory
  • Receive real-time alerts for key actions that take place in and around Active Directory
  • Understand the attack sequence bad actors use to gain control of your Active Directory

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Ransomware: How To Minimize Your Recovery Point & Remediate Attacks. | Sponsored by CTERA

Presented by Jeff Denworth (CTERA) and Russell Smith (Petri IT Knowledgebase)

  • The global rise of ransomware and cryptolocker events
  • Traditional methods of crypto-locked data recovery
  • Challenges with traditional backup-based approaches to data recovery
  • Why Legacy Backup Software and Processes Introduce Too Large of a Recovery Point
  • How real time sync technology can eliminate the blast-radius of a ransomware event
  • How to Backup Devices and Roll Back to Synced Folders

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10 Best Practices for EMC VNX/VNXe and Data Domain | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by Michael Otey (President of TECA Inc) and Matt Lloyd (EMC at Veeam)

  • Minimize impact on production VMs
  • Rapidly create backups from EMC VNX, VNX2 or VNXe storage snapshots up to 20x faster than competitive offerings
  • Easily recover individual items in two minutes or less, without staging or intermediate steps
  • Reduce deployment risks and issues by leveraging your backup data in a production-like test environment

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Using Advanced ADC Configuration for Microsoft Direct Access to Improve Datacenter Security | Sponsored by Citrix

Presented by James Bannan (Petri IT Knowledgebase) and Richard Hicks (Citrix)

  • Understand how DirectAccess works and explore common use cases.
  • Identify critical single points of failure in a DirectAccess architecture
  • Use the NetScaler platform to reduce DirectAccess infrastructure requirements
  • Learn advanced configuration techniques to improve security and performance for DirectAccess
  • Enhance DirectAccess geographic redundancy with NetScaler's GSLB functionality

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Removing the Pain of Common Directory Synchronization Headaches | Sponsored by BinaryTree

Presented by Justin Harris (BinaryTree) and Sean Deuby (Petri Contributor, Identity architect for Edgile, Inc.)

  • Establish synchronization of mail-enabled objects and address lists between two or more Active Directory forests
  • Create a single set of identities within Office 365 that span multiple on-premises Active Directory forests
  • Handle directory synchronization projects when forests with duplicate names exist or share a common SMTP namespace

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Managing SharePoint Server Backup and Recovery Like a Pro | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by Cody Cheek (Veeam) and Todd Klindt (Petri IT Knowledgebase)

  • The challenges of legacy backup and recovery solutions for SharePoint and barriers to high-speed recovery
  • How to minimize downtime and restore deleted or broken sites in minutes, without having to recreate and reconfigure new sites
  • How to restore individual SharePoint items and permissions directly to the original server, send items as email attachments to specific users, or save them to other locations

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Top 5 Backup and Availability challenges for SMB | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by Drew Kessel (Veeam) and Aidan Finn (Petri IT Knowledgebase)

  • Availability challenges and solutions that SMBs face
  • Effective design considerations for the SMB data center
  • Practical tips for off-site, DR and quick recovery techniques
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All You Need to Know About Office 365 Backup and Recovery | Sponsored by Spanning and Hosted by Paul Thurrott

Presented by Phoummala Schmitt (Petri IT Knowledgebase) and Gina Rosenthal (Spanning)

  • Tips, tricks, and techniques for migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365
  • Optimal ways to configure your Office 365 email environment after migration
  • Pitfalls and traps to avoid while migrating
  • How EMC Spanning backup solutions can safeguard your Office 365 investment

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What’s New VSphere 6.0 and Upgrade Best Practices | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by Jason Acord (Veeam) and Maish Saidel-Keesing (Petri IT Knowledgebase)

  • Understand the upgrade path to VMware vSphere 6.0 and get advice on the best deployment methods.
  • What the changes are to VMware vMotion (cross-center and long distance) and how to use them.
  • How to take advantage of vCenter 6.0 to streamline management of your VMware environment.
  • More about VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) and how can you best take advantage of them.
  • What Veeam Software solutions can help make your vSphere 6.0 upgrade a success.

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Active Directory Backup and Recovery | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by Sean Deuby (Petri IT Knowledgebase) and Ryan Post (Veeam)

  • How the care and feeding of AD is of paramount importance.
  • Tips, tricks, and potential pitfalls to avoid when backing up (and restoring) your AD infrastructure.
  • How Veeam can streamline the backup and restore of AD objects and OUs
  • How to configure Veeam SureBackup to automate the execution and verification of backups

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Server 2003 End of Support: What You Need to Know | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by Russell Smith (Petri IT Knowledgebase) and Ryan Post (Veeam)

  • Windows Server 2003 End of Support (July 2015) is approaching fast.
  • What the specific details of Windows Server 2003 End of Support are.
  • How to plan out a Windows Server 2003 migration to a newer Server OS.
  • Learning the challenges (and opportunities) with Windows Server 2003 End of Support
  • Migration strategies and physical-to-virtual (P2V) solutions to challenges with migrating off Windows Server 2003
  • How Veeam Backup & Replication software can play a key role in protecting your data during the WS 2003 EOS process

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3 New Storage Features in Windows Server 2012 R2 | Sponsored by Veeam

Presented by and Chris Henley (Veeam)

  • Learn how to use Windows Server 2012 R2 storage features like Storage Spaces, Scale-Out File Server, and SMB 3.0
  • Use commodity hardware to build fast, inexpensive storage resources
  • Understand the importance of modern data protection
  • Discover the benefits of Veeam Backup & Replication, which offers innovative features such as Recovery Point Objectives, Recovery Time Objectives, and WAN Acceleration

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Real-world Exchange Load Balancing: Graduating from NLB | Sponsored by KEMP

Presented by and J. Peter Bruzzese (MCITP, MCT) (Petri IT Knowledgebase)

  • What a load balancer is, and how it can be a vital part of your Microsoft Exchange infrastructure.
  • All about the native load balancing features and options in the latest version of Microsoft Exchange.
  • How you can leverage the cloud for your load balancing needs.
  • What Kemp Technologies offers in the way of on-premise and cloud-based load balancing products and services.

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