What’s New in PowerShell v5

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    Richard Siddaway

    With over 20 years experience in various aspects of IT, Microsoft PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway is currently concentrating on the Microsoft environment at an architectural level especially around Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and Infrastructure Optimisation.

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    Lawrence Garvin

    SolarWinds Head Geek and Microsoft MVP. 25+ years in the IT profession in a cross-section of industries, organization types, and professional disciplines.

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    Webinar Description:

    For the past 8 years PowerShell has been a tremendous asset to IT Pros and it shows no sign of slowing. PowerShell 5.0 is now in technical preview and already being adopted in organizations. If you’ve been wondering what the fuss is all about with PowerShell v5, PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway will highlight some of the new features in PowerShell 5.0, such as the new OneGet and NetworkSwitch cmdlets. Richard will also explain why you should be using PowerShell to help manage your IT infrastructure. He will be joined by Lawrence Garvin of Solarwinds to discuss Solarwinds® Server & Application Monitor. Server & Application Monitor delivers agentless performance and availability monitoring for more than 150 apps and hardware types. Easily get the management, alerting, and reporting you need to keep your servers and apps running at peak performance.

    In this webinar you will learn...
    • An introduction to PowerShell for novices
    • Outlines what PowerShell neophytes need to know before learning PowerShell
    • Provides hints, tips, and training resources for IT pros learning PowerShell