Top 10 Best and Worst Backup Practices

Webinar Presented By

  • Noah Gamache

    Noah Gamache is a Systems Engineer with Veeam Software.  Before Veeam Noah was focused on IT Project management with various managed service providers throughout the South East.  Now Noah can often be found presenting with his peers in the virtualization industry on anything virtualization related.
Webinar Description:

When data disaster strikes will your company be prepared? You can fully recover in the event of a disaster if you regularly back up your data. Veeam technical expert Noah Gamache shares his experience and discusses best and worst backup practices in this webinar. Save time and money, and all of your data with these best and worst practices!

In this webinar you will learn...
  • What Are the Industry Best for Backup and Recovery
  • Identifying the Sub-Optimal Backup and Recovery Practices
  • How to Determine if you are Properly Prepared for an Outage