Taking The Pain Out Of User Provisioning

User provisioning is one of those tasks that many administrators detest. Not only does it take a significant amount of time to setup a new user, but it also takes time to assign all the permissions a user needs, especially when multiple applications need to be configured as well. Once that’s all setup, then you have to email out confirmations, deal with exceptions, and hope that you’ve crossed every t and dotted all of your i’s.

On December 9th, join the Petri IT Knowledgebase and HelpSystems as we tackle the arduous task of user provisioning, where we will provide a few tips and tricks to make this process less dreadful.

In this webinar you will learn...

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls of user provisioning
  • How to optimize your user provisioning process.
  • How to work with error and exception handling.
  • How to automate common tasks and reduce number of emails sent.

Webinar Presented By

  • Donna Horton


    Donna Horton is a Training Services Consultant at AutoMate, a division of HelpSystems. 

  • Russell Smith

    Petri IT Knowledgebase

    Russell Smith specializes in the management and security of Microsoft-based IT systems.

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