A Step-By-Step Guide and Best Practices to Availability and Business Continuity

Veeam Continuity Hyper-availbility from Thurrott.com on Vimeo.

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Webinar Presented By

  • Noah Gamache

    Systems Engineer

Moderated By

  • Brad Sams

    Executive Editor of Petri.com & Thurrott.com

Webinar Description:

Nobody wants to be the next headline outage. Whether it is a site failure, natural disaster or other types of event, there is an increased focus on keeping IT services available in spite of disasters. In this session, join Veeam’s® Noah Gamache for practical tips on how to get started with a business continuity and disaster recovery plan, including assessing applications and the steps needed to ensure your disaster recovery plans are going to meet the Availability needs of your business.

In this webinar you will learn...
  • Define disaster recovery and what it means to be prepared for a disaster
  • Examine best practices as far as data retention, to ensure business continuity
  • Look at the different offering Veeam has, and how they can help meet DR & business continuity needs