Mitigating Risks in a Complex Hybrid Directory Environment

Webinar Presented By

  • Alvaro Vitta

    Principal Solutions Architect specializing in security at Dell Software

  • Sean Deuby

    Petri Contributor, Identity architect for Edgile, Inc.

    Microsoft MVP

Moderated By

  • Brad Sams

    Executive Editor

Webinar Description:

Any defense is only as strong as its weakest point. Office 365 and its Azure Active Directory underpinnings are highly security focused, with features like conditional access, multi-factor authentication, and best-in-class identity security reporting. But if you have a hybrid identity architecture in which your Active Directory users and groups are projected into the cloud, your weakest link isn’t the cloud–it’s your Active Directory.

In this webinar you will learn...
  • How to address potential vulnerabilities in your Active Directory security management
  • How to effectively manage conditional access and multi-factor authentication
  • How to secure the most critical piece of your IT infrastructure.

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