Active Directory Backup and Recovery

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  • Sean Deuby

    Sean Deuby is an identity architect for Edgile, Inc., where he focuses on enterprise cloud identity and Azure Active Directory solutions.

  • Ryan Post

    Ryan Post is a Systems Engineer with Veeam Software with over 10 years of industry specific expertise.

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    Webinar Description:

    Active Directory (AD) is a fundamental component of many IT infrastructures, and keeping AD protected, backed up, and highly available is a must. In this webinar, Microsoft Active Directory MVP Sean Deuby will walk you through some time-saving tips, tricks, and techniques to get the most out of your AD backup and recovery efforts. Sean will be joined by Ryan Post, a Systems Engineer with Veeam Software, who will explain the benefits that Veeam Active Directory Backup and Recovery can provide.

    In this webinar you will learn...
    • How the care and feeding of AD is of paramount importance.
    • Tips, tricks, and potential pitfalls to avoid when backing up (and restoring) your AD infrastructure.
    • How Veeam can streamline the backup and restore of AD objects and OUs
    • How to configure Veeam SureBackup to automate the execution and verification of backups

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