4 Simple Ways to Improve your Cloud Data Protection with Veeam

Webinar Presented By

  • Andrew Zhelezko

    Technical Analyst at Veeam

Moderated By

  • Brad Sams

    Executive Editor of Petri.com & Thurrott.com

Webinar Description:

As the volume and strategic value of data keeps expanding, companies more often turn to the cloud to reach a new level of data storage and management benefits. Businesses find the cloud more appealing because of greater flexibility and scalability paired with the ability to cut expenses related to hardware. At the same time, storing and backing up data in the cloud presents its own challenges. First and foremost, providing backup and data protection while enabling easy and fast access to the data.

Join this session with Andrew Zhelezko, a Veeam® technical analyst, for a practical guide on how to guarantee cloud data protection and easy resource management. You’ll experience the live demo and hear about the steps needed to ensure your company’s data is highly available at all times.

In this webinar you will learn...
  • Challenges of protecting data in a multi-cloud environment
  • Tips for better cloud resource management and ways to reduce manual operations
  • Practical solutions to ensure cloud data availability