10 Best Practices for EMC VNX/VNXe and Data Domain

Webinar Presented By

  • Michael Otey

  • Matt Lloyd

    Matt Lloyd

Moderated By

  • Brad Sams

Webinar Description:

Today’s changing business environment demands that organizations be always-on. Customers, partners, suppliers, and employees are all connected, and everyone demands access to information at any time and from any place. Tolerance for any kind of outage or loss of data is lower than ever, while at the same time data growth continues to skyrocket. How does an IT administrator address the challenges associated with this data growth?

In this webinar you will learn...
  • Minimize impact on production VMs
  • Rapidly create backups from EMC VNX, VNX2 or VNXe storage snapshots up to 20x faster than competitive offerings
  • Easily recover individual items in two minutes or less, without staging or intermediate steps
  • Reduce deployment risks and issues by leveraging your backup data in a production-like test environment