Learn how to configure the Citrix NetScaler ADC to provide essential load balancing for the DirectAccess workload. In addition you will learn how to leverage the advanced capabilities of the NetScaler to perform SSL offloading for DirectAccess IP-HTTPS connections, improve transparent site selection for Windows 8.x and 10 clients, how to perform preauthentication of DirectAccess connections, and how to configure the NetScaler itself to function as a Network Location Server (NLS).

In this technical brief you will learn…

  • Understand how DirectAccess works and explore common use cases.
  • Identify critical single points of failure in a DirectAccess architecture
  • Use the NetScaler platform to reduce DirectAccess infrastructure requirements
  • Learn advanced configuration techniques to improve security and performance for DirectAccess
  • Enhance DirectAccess geographic redundancy with NetScaler’s GSLB functionality