Windows Vista

Evolution of Windows Firewall: Windows XP

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Windows Firewall under the Windows 7 operating system offers many new features and operational enhancements over prior versions.¬†Where did the Windows Firewall begin? Windows XP offers the first iteration of a firewall service as part of the operating system. Additional changes were introduced as a part of the release of Windows Vista until the full […]

Get Your Desktop Icons Back in Vista

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Windows Vista (and Windows Server 2008 and even Windows 7 for that matter) are configured so that after the installation completes and the user first logs on, the desktop is totally empty from any icons, and only the Recycle bin is present. While this setup might fit some users, most users want control over their old desktop icons. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri will show you how to do that.

BitLocker To Go Walkthrough Windows 7

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Windows 7 is the next generation of operating system due from Microsoft and it is now set for a planned release in the final quarter of 2009 which would be just a bit shy of the three years since the release of Windows Vista. This article series is an overview of BitLocker and Encrypting File […]