Restoring Windows 7 from a Backup System Image

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Unfortunately, there’s always potential for a software malfunction that cannot be repaired by using a Safe Mode boot or a system repair. When this happens, you may need to restore your system from a previously backed-up system image. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri walks you through the process specifically for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Backup & Restore – What it should have been in Vista!

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In Windows Vista, the Backup Status and Configuration tool was the place where one could (at least try to) backup pictures, music, media and documents on their computer. However, as many users found, it just didn’t allow for some key configuration options. In Windows 7 this has changed, and it seems quite likely that we’ll finally get a good backup tool. In this article, MVP Daniel Petri takes you inside Windows 7 Backup & Restore .