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Inside the Free Version of Teams

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A free version of Teams is now available and it’s pretty good. Up to 300 users, free storage, and lots of functionality – and a phantom Office 365 tenant (or so it seems). The nice people at Slack might not like what they see, but there’s fierce competition to secure the hearts and minds of those who choose to collaborate using a free platform.

Teams Splash

Archiving Teams the Official Way

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Microsoft Teams has introduced a way for Office 365 tenants to archive teams. Basically you set the team to be read-only, a status that affects conversations and files. However, it doesn’t stop team members having read-write access to other group resources, like Planner or Power BI.

Office 365 News and Views – June 2018

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Lots happens in a month within Office 365. I can’t possibly write an article about every change in SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, etc. released by Microsoft,, so sometimes I need to publish a catch-up (or catch-up) post. Here are ten things that I think are interesting enough for you to know about.