What Meltdown Means for Office 365

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The Meltdown vulnerability is clearly serious, especially if you run on-premises servers. But if you use Office 365, should you be worried? Well, maybe, but when you sign up for a cloud service, you transfer responsibility for understanding and responding to threat to the service provider. Over to Microsoft…

Teams Won’t Replace Email but It Can Reduce Email Traffic

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Some observers say that Teams will replace email. Well, Teams won’t because email still has so many advantages over what Teams offers. But Teams has its own capabilities that will lead it to take some of the traffic currently carried by email. Because of its internal focus, the traffic that moves to Teams is in-house chats, and Teams is a good place for those conversations to be.

Outlook brand or family

Microsoft Wants You to Use the Outlook Brand Correctly (but OWA is still OWA and Outlook’s the fat client)

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Microsoft set out to rename OWA as Outlook on the web last year. That effort never gained real acceptance in the Exchange community, but in fact the project isn’t to rebrand OWA. Instead, it’s all about preserving and building out the Outlook brand across multiple clients and different experiences. Microsoft is struggling against the weight of history here, so don’t expect any great success anytime soon.

Office 365 Snippets — November 17, 2016

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This week’s snippets span the tenth anniversary of PowerShell, a survey indicating that Office 365 has a solid lead in deployments over G Suite, Windows 10 Mobile finally gets the new authenticator app, Outlook starts to look like mini-CRM, why dynamic groups don’t work for Teams and Planner, and an interesting document from Microsoft describing Office 365 tenant isolation.

Office 365 Tip: Exchange Server Retention Policies

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In today’s Ask the Admin, I’ll explain how to use Retention Policies in Exchange Server, Exchange Online and Office 365. Hoarding information seems to be a hobby for many of us, and if you’ve ever been an Exchange administrator, you’ll be familiar with the problem of users who are determined to store every last email […]