Azure AD PowerShell

Version 2 of the Azure Active Directory PowerShell Module is Generally Available – But be Careful

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Managing Azure Active Directory using PowerShell is a pretty common technique for Office 365 administrators to master. Many scripts to automate administrative processes have been written to leverage the -Msol* cmdlets included in version one of the Azure Active Directory PowerShell module. Version 2 of the module is now generally available, which is good, but be careful because scripts need to be updated before you can use the new module.

Help for Get-FileItem

Where Is the File: Using Get-FileItem

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In Part 1 of this series, Microsoft MVP Jeff Hicks demonstrated how to use a command line utility called where.exe. In the second part of this series, Jeff shows you how to use another command line alternative called Get-FileItem to help you find the files you’re looking for.