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White Paper - VDI

Solving the Right Problem in the Datacenter

Organizations are accelerating the adoption of virtualization and cloud deployments to meet the demands of their business and end-users. As they do so, the complexity of assuring application performance increases exponentially. Traditional approaches to virtualization and cloud management simply cannot keep up.

White Paper - VDI

How to Overcome the Challenges of the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) holds great promise for end-user computing teams to centralize management and maintenance, lower operational costs, improve security, and deliver flexibility to mobile workers. A recent survey reports that 46% of VDI projects are stalled due to cost and performance issues, engineering and operations must have a control system in place.

eBook - Capacity

Capacity Planning Fundamentals – What’s in a Plan?

As organizations scale, planning for greater application workload demand is critical. IT cannot be seen as a bottleneck to business growth. Moreover, the larger the organization and the faster the growth the higher the stakes. Planning ahead is key, but as this ebook discusses, equally important is the foundation you use to make projections.

Survey - Cloud

Licensing, Compliance & Audits in the Cloud Era

This survey explores trends among three related themes: 1. How are organizations managing license compliance today and what are their greatest challenges? 2. Which vendor is perceived as the most difficult overall? 3. Across vendors, what significant differences in licensing models and audit rates exist?

Real-time. Self-managing. Application Performance.

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Are You Leading Your Organization Into The Age of Self-Managing Clouds?

Turbonomic’s patented Autonomic Platform continuously analyzes application demand and automatically allocates shared resources in real-time. Enabling you to deliver the performance your business and customers expect.

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88% of Turbonomic customers receive full ROI in 3 months or less

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Guide - Capacity

Turbonomic Plan Success Engagement

With the dynamic nature of virtual and cloud environment, capacity planning is no longer a once per day, week or month process. The output of the Plan Success engagement is a documented capacity workflow outlining how you can guarantee performance when planning for both real-time and future workloads while maximizing your investment.

White Paper - Capacity

Capacity Management in the Modern Data Center

As the data center evolved from mainframes to midrange computing and from client server to virtualized, the demand for capacity management tools has evolved in tandem. The introduction of virtualization in particular introduced the Intelligent Workload Management (IWM) problem where capacity management was no longer a sufficient solution to assuring application performance.

Guide - VDI

Autonomic VDI Performance Management

I/O “blending” increases read/write activity on the disk heads further degrading performance. Learn how Turbonomic manages the significant resource demands and fluctuations which often stall VDI deployments by continuously assuring Virtual Desktops get the resources they need, when they need them.

Case Study - Capacity

Colgate-Palmolive optimizes virtual environment with Turbonomic

Many of Colgate’s application vendors, developers, and users are very particular about the environments in which their software runs. “Now,” explains Fleiss, “we have the data to show that their application will fit in our virtualized environment, and moving forward we can make smart decisions on changing the configuration based on the resources being used.

Guide - Cloud

Assure Application Performance Across Private and Public Clouds

Cloud deployments quench the demands for new applications, increased use of data and analytics, and offering digital or mobile-led consumer experience. While private, public or hybrid cloud deployment models offer attractive benefits one challenge remains, how to assure application performance and enforce compliance while lowering costs.

Guide - Cloud

Assure Application Performance and Compliance While Lowering AWS Costs

Thousands of organizations have adopted public cloud services from AWS as a viable infrastructure choice for their applications. AWS offers elasticity with multiple consumption based pricing models and a dizzying array of new services. However, the challenge of assuring application performance, ensuring compliance and managing AWS costs is left up to end-user.

Case Study - VDI

Metzler Bank Reclaims Unutilized Resources with Turbonomic

The team consistently struggled to gain intelligent visibility into their VMware estate, guessing as to which resources their workloads needed at any given moment. “Our colleagues kept coming to us asking for more resources for their workloads being used for development, trading platforms, monitoring systems, etc.,” said Schnee.

White Paper - VDI

Maximizing the Benefits of the Virtual Classroom

In the world of education IT, few things are more readily apparent than the need to continuously do more with less. From large state universities to small private elementary schools with fewer than 500 students, IT budgets are being slashed while their virtual and cloud environments become increasingly complex and difficult to manage.