Computer Imaging Showdown - Tech Brief

Active Directory synchronization is a fact of life for IT teams, as organizations deploy cloudbased enterprise applications, prepare for disaster recovery, and merge with other businesses. Unfortunately, the native tools for AD synchronization and migration are difficult to use. In addition, there are some situations these tools simply cannot handle. In this tech brief, you will learn how Binary Tree’s Active Directory Migrator platform is a secure solution that is easy for IT teams to implement.

Computer provisioning is a fact of IT life, and recent technology changes have made systems deployment and recovery even more challenging. In this tech brief, you will learn how SmartDeploy offers a solution that was built on a deep understanding of the current technology environment, in a way that rethinks and solves some of the traditional headaches of reimaging computer, like handling device driver packages and golden “hardware independent” master images, and packages it in an easy to use software solution that takes a fraction of the time to set up as traditional image deployment options.

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