Windows XP Supported Upgrade Paths

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What are the Windows XP supported update paths? You can upgrade most Windows client operating systems directly to Windows XP Professional. If you upgrade instead of doing a new installation, you will not lose the existing settings and applications on the partition. When preparing for an upgrade, you should first complete the tasks listed on… Read More

WINS Training Labs

by Chris G Breen

A review of Train Signal’s Windows 2000/2003 WINS Video Lab Training – Product Details. See more details at Train Signal's website. I had always used WINS because it was easy to install and configure. It was a no brainer. Static Mappings was the extent of my configuration attempts with WINS. Didn’t think there was really much to it… Read More

Working With the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer

by Brien Posey

Up until about a year or two ago, Exchange Server routinely enjoyed a reputation as being the most complicated product that Microsoft makes. In recent years, Exchange Server hasn't gotten any easier, it's just that Microsoft has created other products such as Office Communications Server that are more complicated than Exchange. Given the complexity of… Read More

Working with Group Policy

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This article deals with the mechanism of deploying and verifying GPO deployment. It will not deal in the GPO itself and the settings inside it (these settings and configurations will be discussed in different articles). Note that this article was written and contributed to the site by Amir Meron. Group Policy is a one of… Read More

Working with Store Policies

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Working with Store System Policies in Exchange 2003 Exchange Server 2000/2003 allows the Exchange Administrator to set limits on the mailboxes of users in the Exchange Organization (read Setting Mailbox Limits for more info). Setting limits on the mailboxes help control the database size and plan for efficient backup, restore and maintenance tasks (read Calculating… Read More

Windows Update

by Daniel Petri

Windows Update & Windows Update Catalog As always, check the Windows Update site for a good reference on what you're missing (the site does not always display the latest info, but it's better that nothing). The Microsoft Windows Update site (also known as WU) is a site made for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows… Read More

Windows Update Problems

by Daniel Petri

Many users of Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 have had problems when trying to access the Windows Update site. I've searched all over the Internet for solutions to these problems and came up with the following list of possible solutions. These solutions are not arranged by any specific order, although I do… Read More