StaffHub Splash Screen

Microsoft StaffHub – Another Use for Office 365 Groups

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Microsoft StaffHub is a new Office 365 application built from bits of Office 365 Groups, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Azure, and Teams. The concept is simple – provide an application to allow the schedules of workers to be managed through a combination of browser and mobile interfaces. It’s an idea that will be popular with some Office 365 tenants, but it’s probably of limited interest to the majority.

New Word Editor

New Word Editor Feature Proves its Worth

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It’s hard to think of new features for an application like Word that has been around for so long. Adding something that nags the user to be more precise and concise wouldn’t seem like it would be popular, but I rather like the new “Editor” feature. And providing more context in spell checking is a good thing too!

Office 365 DLP roadmap

Unifying Data Loss Prevention across Office 365

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You might be familiar with the DLP policies available in Exchange or SharePoint. These policies work, but they are workload-specific. Microsoft has embarked on a journey to replace them with Unified DLP policies, which provide protection across multiple Office 365 workloads. The new policies are not yet as functional as those available for Exchange, but they will get there.