How do I install and configure a new Windows 2000 DNS server within an existing DNS environment where Active Directory is not enabled?

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To create a new Windows 2000 DNS Server, you must install Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server on a server that is attached to your network. Because DNS is not installed by default during installation of Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server, you have to install DNS on the server. You can install the Windows […]

Sometimes when I use DCPROMO to install AD and the DNS service on my Windows 2000 Server, it does not create the correct entries in the zone database. Why?

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After you run Dcpromo.exe and Windows 2000 automatically installs and configures the Domain Name System (DNS), the primary DNS server is left as the current DNS server. This causes Netlogon error messages that are related to DNS registration not working. For example: Event Source: NETLOGON Event Category: None Event ID: 5781 Date: Time: User: Computer: […]

DNS Training Labs

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A review of Train Signal’s Windows 2000/2003 DNS Video Lab Training – Product Details. See more details at Train Signal’s website. After completing Train Signal’s Active Directory CBT course, I thought I might delve into and learn the Black Art of DNS.  So the Train Signal turned red and Lab 4 pulled into my workstation. I […]

How do I install and configure Windows 2000 DNS server?

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The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Active Directory locator in Windows 2000. Active Directory clients and client tools use DNS to locate domain controllers for administration and logon. You must have a DNS server installed and configured for Active Directory and the associated client software to function correctly. This article guides you through the […]

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