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    Re: Forwarding emails

    Nonapeptide;197932 wrote:
    What is the email server environment? Is it an Exchange server? Do you have control over it?

    What is the rule? If it’s simply “Apply this rule after the message arrives from [email protected] forward it to [email protected]” then you’re doing it right and I’d attempt to figure out why the message is not appearing at the other end. You might want to try using the “redirect it to” option instead of the “forward it to” option.

    Hi, thanks for the response.
    The environment is Small Business Server 2003 with Exchange 2003 Sp2.
    The rule is simply to forward [email protected] to [email protected], and then i add the users from the global address list. However this address [email protected], doesn’t exist in our organisation. He simply has a pop3 mailbox (with the address [email protected]). He is also at another location where he also pop3’s his mail, and when he is there the mail needs to go to his mailbox, but doesn’t arrive at his end, nor when he is at our offices where the exchange server resides.

    i’ll try the redirect option.

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    Re: Dns issues/delete zone ?

    Yes it’s our public domain dns name.
    Not sure why it’s setup internally, there are some records pointing to the internal ip of the domain controller which is the SBS server.

    Here are some records it contains.

    Type = Active Directory – Integrated Primary

    Name Type Data
    (same as parent folder) Start of Authority (SOA) [2], servername.domain.local., hostmaster.domain.local.

    (same as parent folder) Name Server (NS) servername.domain.local.

    mail Host (A) 192.168.x.x (server ip)

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    Re: Information store/mailbox reconnect problem

    We came right by creating a new account and using exmerge to import the mail.


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    Re: DNS issues

    joeqwerty;97552 wrote:
    The two issues are not neccessarily and are probably not related. The fact that you can access the web sites tells me that DNS, TCP/IP, Routing, and your Firewall are all working for internal to external access. The networks hosting the web sites may not allow inbound ICMP traffic which is why your pings are failing (this is not uncommon). As for the email not being delivered to you, what is your evidence? How do you know that emails are not coming in? Can you post some additional information?

    People are getting non-delivery of email, and they get the following message
    505, User does not exist. or something like that.
    However, the user does exist on the exchange box.

    Our domain is unigrain.co.za
    i’ll do some tests again from my side.

    your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Good morning

    In South Africa anyway.
    I’m Yanchri. That’s my real name. And i’m from South Africa.
    30 Year old male, and IT technician/manager for a small company.

    I have some burning questions that need attention, and i’m hoping people can help me.

    I would like to think that i would also like to be able to help people down the line.

    Anyway, cheerio

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