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    in reply to: Commands that do not run in a single script #392036

    Hi Wullieb1,

    Thanks for the reply. Running the commands in one go is exactly what I want to do but it fails on me. I should explain I have a script that I run from an AD member workstation. I run it from there partly because that makes me debug my code (avoid having stuff that only works in one place) and partly because I’m executing commands from several PS modules – PS, PS AD & PS Exchange. I only included the middle bit of code to avoid muddying the water but the program flow is:

    – Create a Mailbox/AD account
    – Create the folders the AD account needs
    – Lockdown/customise the AD account

    It works as three scripts but I’d like to make it one just for neatness.

    Kind regards,



    Re: how to install windows xp after 2003 server installation


    i need to install windows xp in the system and windows server 2003
    already exist in my system.
    i have to retain windows server 2003 in the system.
    as suggested i cant format if i do so i will loose server 2003 os on which
    currently i am working.

    please guide me.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)