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    Re: Exchange Powershell Profile

    wullieb1;282190 wrote:
    sailingbikeruk;282162 wrote:

    so I created a powershell profile and added the cmdlet to a ps1 file but it loads BEFORE the exchange module is loaded so I get an error everytime.

    Have I not already tried that? My problem was that the profile didn’t solve it so I have either done something wrong or it isn’t the solution.

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    Re: WSUS Errors

    Thanks for your suggestions, WSUS was configured correctly but wasn’t authenticating with the web proxy so wasn’t actually downloading any updates.

    Once I bypassed the proxy authentication it worked fine.

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    Re: Unable to install Windows Management Framework 2.0


    I tried installing .NET 4.0 at your suggestion, but it made no difference.

    I think I will uninstall all versions, reboot and try again but this is a production DC and I cant do this during the day (or just before I go on holiday) so it’ll have to wait a while.

    thanks for the advice. I’ll look at it again when I am back from my Hols.

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    Re: How many current mailboxes in use?

    You could simply use get-mailboxstatistics in exchange powershell which will return the lastlogontime, you could sort by lastlogontime if you pipe the result into sort with the command

    get-mailboxstatistics | sort lastlogontime -descending

    I can’t remember in exchange 2007 if you can list by server

    get-mailboxstatistics -server servername | sort lastlogontime -descending

    if this is not giving you enough detail have a look at this article:

    let me know how you get on.

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    Re: Routing? DNS? What the hell?

    Ok, many thanks for your help guys, what a difference a fresh pair of eyes made (or two in this case).

    Simply I just hadn’t spotted the 186 vs 168 in the IP addresses which then led me on a wild goose chase.

    When I got in this morning I checked everything I did yesterday again as I clearly hadn’t done it well, it turned out to be an entry in the hosts file which I thought I’d cleared – windows 7 – need to open notepad as an administraor to change the hosts file and save the changes.

    So deleted all entried in the hosts file – saved it properly, tried ping again and got the CORRECT IP address and replies, restarted machine and Group Policy all applied as expected.

    Thanks for your help and sorry to block the forums with such a silly and careless error on my part.

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    Re: Routing? DNS? What the hell?

    Well spotted guys I hadn’t noticed that. Now all i have to do is figure out why would nslookup return one value and ping/tracert return another

    I’ll have another look when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

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