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    gforceindustries;n251027 wrote:
    Re: Tracking user CD/DVD disc burning activity

    I’d suggest disabling USB through Device Manager rather than in the BIOS. That requires administrative privileges to undo, rather than entering the BIOS, or clearing the CMOS. You can also prevent USB storage devices from functioning (as well as CD drives, floppies etc) without affecting other USB devices by reading one of Daniel’s articles.

    Sorry sir but could you please also give me some suggestions? Sorry, but whether there is someone who can help me out? i have a recent problem when i am trying burrning DVD to a blank disk. I burned a DVD movie bought from Amazon store to a blank disk from a local market. I am totally sure the disk format is VOB – MPG-2 , the commonest DVD dics format (because i foundit should be like that format and codec in this article:edited). But after i inserted my burned DVD the screen immediately got blue and the disk still kept running. Sometimes it even made it harder for me to take the disc out. What’s wrong with it? Is itbecause of CSS or copyright protection? ( i am not pretty sure what they are ) I bought in Amazon which is legal, so i do not thing copyright protection is the reason.
    I found a vert similar thread as well in /URL][edited , you can see from it that some one mentioned that might be that my player too old. But my sony DVD player was bought just in 2014, 3 years from now, and i frequently clean it and i am pretty sure there is no scratch behind my dvd disk.

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