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  • Re: 3620 ICMP Destination unreachable for outbound DNS replies

    Hey i know this sounds really really elementary but the one thing i’ve learned from a good friend of mine who’s a security admin on citrix servers is that it’s always something elemtary when it comes to server issues so i’m going to suggest two things that no-one else has yet.

    first make sure that you’re not blocking icmp from passing through on the new router if security is enabled it most likely is.

    secondly many isp’s block dns requests and other types of traffic from traveling on common ports due to security risks for example most isp’s now block smtp traffic on port 25 it may take some investigation but it is altogether possible that you need to change from the default ports.

    I don’t mean to make it sound like the people here are not intelligent many of you most likely have much more experience then I however there’s one thing i’ve learned and that is the more experience you have the more quickly ppl tend to jump to solutions which are often times more complex then they need to be. Since none of us but the person with the problem is able to actively touch this server and configuration I suggest this merely as a coverall.

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