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    [BT]Black V
    in reply to: ASA Failover and Layer 3 (3560-X) #391192

    I know this is an old post but this still might help someone looking for an answer… what you want is a VLAN or BVI interface on the switch in the same VLAN as the ports to the ASA. Otherwise it’s like connecting the two ASA’s to two different routers :)

    [BT]Black V
    in reply to: WDS image deployment #299526

    Re: WDS image deployment

    If you want to install Apps

    Install MDT 2012/2010
    Its Free
    Its Tiny
    It allows much better control for deploying images
    its also uses your existing WDS enviroment

    [BT]Black V
    in reply to: Trouble with RPC / HTTP #299525

    Re: Trouble with RPC / HTTP

    with SBS you re run the internet configuration wizard (SBS you should always run the wizards otherwise you can break other things)

    To configure RPC oVer HTTP
    To do list > Connect to Internet >
    do not change connection type
    web services > Ensure that outlook over internet is enabled
    do not change certificate
    let the wizard finish

    then see how that goes also you should make sure SP2 for Exchange is installed too

    on a side note why did you purchase a certificate and now use the one that is created by the SBS install its self ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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