Xp service pack 2

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    I have a problem that my PC shuts down after i logon to it.
    I have even formatted it but again sameproblem appears.
    plz help


    Re: Xp service pack 2

    Wow, so much information about your problem.

    Have you tried Safe Mode and doing a virus scan (assuming your A/V is up to date)
    What happens if you don’t logon, ie if you let the system stay at the logon screen?
    Is there any error messages after you logon?
    Do you get the BSOD after logon?
    Does the system IMMEDIATELY power off or does it gracefully shutdown?
    Are there any error messages in the Event Viewer?


    Re: Xp service pack 2

    Boot into safe mode and check the event logs.

    Alot more info is required from you BTW


    Re: Xp service pack 2

    Well more then most often, it’s best to install SP2 After a clean install of your OS.
    Then Drivers, And then Winupdate. The reason being is that SP2 Likes to be added frist. No Idea as to why, but it does. Have run into that problem here a few times. Unless your running one of those bogus Corp Ed. then forget it.

    I’d say try that and go from there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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