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    can anyone tell me if xp pro can deinstalled on a vista home laptop


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    That is not a properly formed question. XP pro cannot be installed (or deinstalled :shock:) on vista. Its one or the other but not never both, generally, on the same machine.
    How about some more info.


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    I think he is asking whether Windows XP can be installed on a laptop that is currently running Vista.
    I did stumble upon a few topics over the net that people had problems with their laptops when they removed Vista and installed XP, and even some rumours about BIOS (Phoenix I think) that supports only Vista OS, but those were rejected by a Phoenix’s manager. In the end I’m not sure whether there is any truth in all that… there are a lot of people who successfully downgraded their OS, but as I’ve said, some did have problems; though possibly because of driver issues or something like that. :)
    Hm… though here it does say

    This BIOS is ONLY for use with Windows Vista. Please do not install this BIOS for use with Windows XP, or other Windows versions.

    Maybe somebody could give a more detailed explanation?


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    Maybe this article will shed some light on the subject.



    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    He needs to give more info,

    Baisclly i know many friends which bought thier laptop with VISTA installed from the company, and formatted and installed XP with no problem,
    i did that my self on a TOSHIBA Laptop, only some drivers WERE NOT MADE for windows xp, not even on the web page for that model of laptop, but i found something similiar and it’s OK.


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    you can install xp even if you installed vista on your pc but not using directly clicking setup.exe in xp cd you need to start from cd(BIOS boot device must be CDROM) and you need a free partition

    after xp installation vista will not be opened now but if you know bcdedit you can add
    two system into boot menu

    bcdedit is difficult to use instead of it use EasyBCD 1.7 to add xp to boot menu

    first use
    BOOTSECT.EXE tool(vista dvd boot folder or easybcd folder) to write bootmgr compatible boot menu

    bootsect /nt60 C:

    C: is boot drive contains ntldr bootmgr boot.ini file they are hidden and system change it if is necessary

    now only vista will open default use EasyBCD 1.7 add xp to menu

    a tip
    bootsect /nt52 C:
    changes older ntldr compatible boot vista dose not start


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    In theory it should be possible… a notebook is a computer in a smaller package, and should execute anything as long as they are x86 instructions (which Windows XP is).


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    yes windows xp x86 can run any x86 application
    I want to tell how xp is removed from double OS Vista and XP are installed laptop

    let us say C: is boot volume

    if you want to remove xp you must first use easybcd and set default OS to vista
    then remove xp entry from list and you can delete xp document and settings,xp windows,xp program files folder dont delete any files in C: root files bootmgr grldr boot folder they are vista files


    Re: xp pro on vista laptop

    I don’t fully understand the scenario…
    You have in a computer installed both Vista and XP, right?
    And you want to uninstall XP and keep just Vista?
    How many partitions do you have?
    What boot loader are you using?
    We need more info.

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