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    Hi All –

    I’m working on an article about getting the most out of Windows XP from now until the end of support in April 2014 (for SP3).

    Is anyone planning — for financial limitations or other reasons — to stick with Windows XP until then? Would love to hear things you’re doing to extend the life of the OS, or reasons why you’re planning to move to Windows 7 or Windows 8 as soon as possible.


    – Jeff


    Re: Windows XP: Anyone sticking with it?;268052 wrote:
    everyone is moving away from Windows XP to Win 7 and Win 8

    That is a bold generalization.

    Jeff, in Australia, surveys have shown that 70% of businesses are still running Windows XP and Office 2003. The only large organisations that I personally know of that have upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010 are the education ones. In Victoria the State Education Department has a Site Licence with Microsoft which makes upgrading a very cheap option, as long as your hardware is suitable.

    Unfortunately NetBooks are the hardware of choice with some techs choosing low end CPUs and minimal RAM. Even more unfortunate is the schools want to run their mid 90s educational software and usually lots of it. At one school, they had 150 apps that were just oh so essential that “we need them all”.

    So educational facilities upgrade to the latest O/S while business will stay with XP until, in some cases, 2020. There may be a jump to Windows 7 since it has XPMode and it will run the businesses outdated databases but Windows 8 is a different story methinks.


    Re: Windows XP: Anyone sticking with it?

    Thats no generalisation – its just a spammer :twisted:

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