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    This is probably a basic question

    Can someone please give a basic break down Terminal Services?
    Is the license included in win 2012R2 std?
    Isn’t RDP the same as Terminal Services?
    How do I check if I have Terminal Services license?
    How do I add a user to Terminal services?

    Have a user the needs to login the server application since the application client on the laptop does not work.

    thank you in advance.


    Terminal Services is the ‘new’ name for what was called Remote Desktop (RDP). Any server has 2 TS licenses included, meaning you can have 2 different remote logins active at the same time. If you have a dedicated Terminal Server license, the Server Role of Terminal Services would be active on that server. You don’t ‘add a user to Terminal Services’, you give a user access to log in remotely, thru Group Policy. Ideal way to do that is to create a security group, and give that group the remote authority in Group Policy. After that’s done, simply add any user to that group and you’re done.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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