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    So I was hired at this smaller company(60 employees) as a software developer. I am up now to be head of IT operations as the company is starting to grow(acquiring a company). We are currently running 2008 R2 and we have been outsourcing to a network systems company. Problem is the company is super slow when we need support and I would love to have control of our server so we don’t have to rely on them. < SPAM LINKS> What is my best option for learning about Windows Server? < SPAM LINKS>
    Sorry for not being clear….I need to learn how to be a system admin using Windows server 2008 r2? < SPAM LINKS>


    Practice, practice practice….
    Get a virtual environment where you can break things, and don’t be afraid to do so, then once you feel confident, take over the live systems

    IMHO get on a few courses, or get books, but you may prefer video based training


    So many first time posters all wanting to learn about managing Windows Servers and none having any experience. This is amazing and since they all seem to come through Indian proxies, it makes me VERY suspicious.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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