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    WLM creates duplicate emails

    One day I found many of my email folders missing from my WLM 2012. I found all of them, with their messages, in a few Imported Folders in the message store (C:UsersJanetAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live MailStorage Folders). The messages were openable and readable.

    Since these Imported folders did not appear in my WLM tree, I moved their contents (ie sub-folders) back to the basic “Storage Folders” from within Windows Explorer. Now I find WLM keeps recreating these folders as Folder Name (1) with all the messages intact, and leaving the original Folder Name (without the 1) empty. I keep deleting/moving/renaming to get each folder to appear only once without the (1) or (2) and with all the messages intact, but WML keeps recreating a new folder (1) or (2) with all the intact messages and leaving the non-numbered folder empty. This is all in C:UsersJanetAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live MailStorage Folders.

    In WLM, I am getting all my emails from those folders duplicated but with a “Message cannot be found” content. So for most of my emails, I have the original with the content intact plus one or two or three copies of the same email but with the “Message cannot be found” content.
    Since there are thousands of emails, I was hoping there might be a way to simply select all the ones with the “Message cannot be found” content to delete them all in one fell swoop.

    Also, I have folders in the WLM tree, call them X, which have emails listed, but all of them have “Message cannot be found” in the message pane. These folders appear in the Store folder as folder X and are empty. But the Store folder, unlike the WLM tree, also has folder X(1) which has all the messages intact. How do I get the intact messages in X(1) in the store folder into WML’s x folder?

    How can I get rid of the duplicate folders and emails?

    I ran a repair, but it did not affect these folders.

    All instructions I have found for rebuilding the Windows Live Mail message store seem not to be for WLM 2012 Windows 7 , as I do not have the options they call for e.g., Tools in the Menu Bar.

    Thanks for any help!
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    No web-based email!
    “Windows Live Mail 2012”

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