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    I have a Dell running Window 7 pro
    The computer was connected to remotely via a logmein link
    The user names & passwords have been changed.
    How can I restart windows not knowing the passwords ?


    Re: Windows 7 password recovery

    So you’re remotely trying to reboot it from the windows login screen? There should be a red button in the bottom right corner. If it’s not there AND you see switch user below the password box, click that and in a second it’ll refresh and the button should be there. The right side of the button is a dropdown button that you can use to restart it.


    Re: Windows 7 password recovery

    This was not the problem.
    Problem was I could not get into windows as the user names & passwords had been maliciously changed preventing log in to windows.

    Finally managed this thru


    Re: Windows 7 password recovery

    Thanks for posting back with your solution Clive. Nice job! :beer: :beer:


    If you didn’t create a reset disk , by using the Microsoft account is the safe way for you , you can reset and create a new account password to login computer,
    Otherwise, you can only buy a tool,
    Source :

    Maskeert;n512241 wrote:
    Otherwise, you can only buy a tool

    Sorry but that is not correct. If you have physical access to the machine then this will always get you in, UEFI excepted.

    Also, this thread is over 2½ years old PLUS the OP did manage to get into the machine using the brilliant tool in the link provided.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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