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    When I announced awhile ago in this forum I had allowed a local PC repair shop to install Windows 10 on my slow Toshiba laptop to replace Windows 8.1, and to try to speed it up, many here seemed horrified. I pointed out I seemed to have no choice as my current Windows 7 on this PC together with all Windows 8.1 will soon no longer be supported by MS.

    Having had now had a huge crash of Skype on the Windows 10 on the laptop forcing me to spend an hour installing Windows 10 updates to reinstall Skype, I can see the reasons why some of you hate Windows10. So what are we supposed to do when buying a new PC or laptop to replace Windows 7 & 8.1?

    Has anyone heard rumours MS are working on a new sensible version of Windows please we will be able to buy?


    Sorry, but “Microsoft” and “sensible” in the same sentence? Not on this planet….

    Just because Win7 is going out of support (2 years IIRC) doesn’t mean you cant use it – just be aware of the risks.


    Thanks again

    GordonSweet;n516403 wrote:
    So what are we supposed to do when buying a new PC or laptop to replace Windows 7 & 8.1?

    Unfortunately almost all vendors are now “forcing” people who buy new PC’s onto Windows 10 as drivers are not being released for the older OS versions.

    If you really despise Windows 10 that much, i personally don’t mind it, then use Windows 7, 8.1 or move away completely to MacOS (I think this is what Apple use now) or Linux, of which there are multiple different systems available. Probably the best one to start with would be Ubuntu.


    I am getting the hang of Win10 now. A warning if you have the older version of Skype installed. I could be upgraded to the fancy Win10 anytime but without any contacts showing. Sign out select another account and make sure you allow the Mic Webcam and Contacts to be used.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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