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    I have got two PCs win2003 and XP,,,,,PCA and PCB (both PCs on my LAN through my linksys router WAG54G V2).

    I created a folder on PCA (win2003), called “My Stuff”,,,I created many users on PCA (employees, jsmith, test1, test2), I enabled sharing for the folder “My Stuff”, and I gave permission (read only) to the username “employees” only, I deleted the username “Everyone” which is by default there.

    1- From PCB (XP) , I opened run, then I typed in : \

    for win2003

    2- Screen poped up (first time), I typed in the username:jsmith (not employees), the password:newsletter.

    3- I was able to see “My Stuff”, since it is shared folder, but I could not access, since jsmith has not been given permission to access it (only username “employees” has been given permission to access it ).

    4- After that (second time, third time,,,etc), when I try to type in: \, I will be forwarded to a window with “My Stuff” folder (PCB still remember the previous session for username “jsmith”), I was not able to type in the username: test1, password: forum (because I have not greeted with a pop up screen!!!!),,,,,,,,,,What should I configure to let the (PCB) provides me with the pop screen for the new username (employees) ?

    5- When I tried to type in : \ Stuff (when I typed in only \ no erro message),,,,,,I received this error message :

    Quote: Stuff is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resources. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permission.
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