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    Jeff Cornick

    Few disclaimers:
    1) Wasn’t sure if this should be in Server 2008 or the GPO section.
    2) I’ve searched the interwebs extensively and I feel like I’m missing *something*.
    3) I’m farily new to GPO…so place nice. :)

    Deploying our first Win10 machines with a 2008 R2 server in place. I’d like to create some GPO’s to control them but am failing very early in the process. I’ve pieced together so many articles and feel like I’m missing the one that spells out what I’m looking for.

    1) I’ve downloaded the .admx files and placed them in the sysvol folder.
    2) Created a OU for just Win10 machines.
    3) Have a test VM server that I’m performing this on so I can break it as much as I like it and won’t affect our live servers.

    When creating a GPO I don’t see a way of creating a Win10 one. I feel like just placing the .admx files in the directory wasn’t enough…almost like they need to be installed or the GPM needs to be ‘refreshed’…oh hey…I have new templates type of thing.

    I apologize about being such a novice but hoping some one can help.



    You don’t create a GPO simply for Windows 10 out the box. When you create the GPO it will apply to all machines regardless of OS. However if you want to apply that GPO to only those computers that have Windows 10 installed on them then, what i think, the easiest thing to do is to generate a wmi filter and apply it.

    How do you apply that i hear you ask. Pretty simply actually and you’ve probably seen it when you’ve been inside the GPO.

    In the console you should, if you have opened the Domains and then you Domain, a section called WMI Filters.
    Right Click on it and select New
    Select a name for the filter, Windows 10 Systems
    Click on Add in the same Window and leave the Names space as is, should be rootCIMv2
    In teh query box enter the following

    SELECT * from Win32_OperatingSystem WHERE Version like ‘10.0%’

    Click on Ok then save.

    In your GPO you can then select the relevant WMI filter in the WMI Filtering section at the bottom of the window.

    Another option, and depending on your setup, is to have an OU dedicated to your OS versions and then apply the GPO to that OU.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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