WIN 7 to WIN10 Upgrade. Is it possible from WSUS 3.2 / SBS 2011?

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    (My first Post!)
    I was wondering if its possible to instigate an upgrade of SBS 2011 clients from Windows 7 to Win 10 via WSUS 3 (SP2) ?

    I have read quite a few TechNet’s (eg and other sites and understand that whilst it should be possible for the WSUS 3 to manage/deliver future Security updates for WIN 10 clients, it wont be able to manage/deliver future WIN 10 feature upgrades….. for that I gather I will need to work Windows Update for Businessinto the environment via the SBS GPO’s.

    However, what I haven’t been able to confirm is if its possible for the SBS 2011 / WSUS 3 to manage/deliver the initial W7 -> W10 upgrade and I was hoping to hear from somebody who had actually done it. So far I have found and switched on “UPGRADES” classification in my WSUS 3 and forced WSUS Sync. This turned up two versions of Win 7 -> Win 10 upgrades (Some of my clients have Win 7 Retail, some have Win 7 Volume and there are separate upgrade packs for each).

    So it all looked promising, however the actual WSUS 3 download of the packages (approx. 5.6GB each) keeps failing, stating a certificate error. I see that such errors seem to be common in blogs etc, however all the fixes seem to be for WSUS 4 only.

    So, hoping to determine if WSUS 3 can definitely do the job in which case I will press on and try and fix the problem, or if I can confirm WSUS 3 definitely cant do the job I’ve still got time to do all 45 clients manually (before 29th July), although this will kill my internet connection.

    Thanking in advance


    AFAIK, it isn’t possible. WSUS doesn’t deliver version upgrades that I’m aware of.


    Thanks joequerty.

    (my) WSUS 3 seems to be able to identify the applicability of the Win 7 -> Win 10 “Upgrade” packages and map these to my client computers. It then seems to download the packages (approx. 5GB each) and fail right at the end. The fail message refers to a certificate problem, but in fact I think its a case that WSUS cant decrypt the downloaded files or something like that.

    Anyway, due to the looming MS deadline, Ive commenced install manually (45x5GB download is going to be a bit of hard work for the ISP!)

    Thanks again

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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