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    Had issues with site loading and publishing and encountering “being used by another process”. Then, upon searching windows components, accidentally deleted my IIS 6 from my win 2003 server. This system is in a remote location some miles away. Any suggestions as to how I might reinstall IIS 6 this without going downtown to retrieve the rack?


    VPN and remote desktop?


    Appreciate, but not clear on how VPN would allow me to access the original install disc in order to select and access the IIS 6 portion.
    Further, unless I could separate the IIS out, I understand that the original disc is accessed on a server reboot only?
    I do have remote access to the server for day to day control, but it does not allow a link to my DVD drive.
    This may be my limited knowledge


    And this is why I always copied the i386 folder to the HDD on the Server. Doesn’t help now but one for the future if you keep on using a 14+ year old Server Operating System. Does it ask for the original media when you select the option to install IIS again?

    Share your DVD drive and then map a drive letter to it from the remote location. Then point to the mapped drive if/when the remote location asks for the files. Saves having to copy the whole CD across. Is this the Web Edition of Server 2003 or one of the other flavours? Perhaps even Server 2003 R2?
    Is it a Standalone or a Member Server? I am assuming that it isn’t a DC or am I wrong about that?

    Is there nobody onsite that can insert the media into the remote Server?
    Use RDP to copy the appropriate files to the remote Server.
    Install Teamviewer and copy the appropriate files to the remote Server.
    Install a paid version of Hamachi LogMeIn. It does things the free version does not.

    Finally, how far is “a remote location some miles away“? Take it on the chin, go for a drive and I bet you don’t do something like that again.


    Ah yes, server 2003, where every change involved inserting the media…. I always used to copy the CDs (those were the days) to the local HDD for just this reason

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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