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    Hello all!

    In my company, we want to create a wireless hot spot. We have all the eqipment, and it is taken care for security (different subnets, no access to our GREEN network, and AP isolation).

    My question is, how to do the following:

    When client connects to our wireless network and opens IE of Firefox, the first page that displays is our “Hot Spot homapage” that includes all info needed how to proceed, pay and THEN browse the net. Some kind of forcing to open our page in browser…

    At this time, he cannot have access to iNET, but only to local wireless network, but when he pays he gets the access to net…

    I only need the solution for the first case (how to display our homepage)…

    Any ideas?



    Re: Wi Fi "Hot spot"

    I don’t have a full answer for you but the way i have seen those systems works is by providing a DNS server via DHCP that resolves all requests to your home page, after payment the DNS server then resolves them normally.
    Usually there is a whole software package that handles all the payment, time and other details.


    Re: Wi Fi "Hot spot"

    The only thing I know capable of that is a type of Hot Spot Access Control software. You can try Hot Spot Express.


    Re: Wi Fi "Hot spot"

    I only know one product (but there can be lots of more) and that is the Cisco BBSM


    Re: Wi Fi "Hot spot"

    This may get you started…
    :google: is wonderful… (and I happen to be in the market for APs and I came across a few of these)


    Re: Wi Fi "Hot spot"

    Tkanks all!

    That helped me a lot, now I can start!

    Thanks again!

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