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    I am testin 3.5. During Virtual Center Installation I insured that converter is checked (in Custom).
    Converter Plugin is installed and enabled.
    However, I can not fine it, not in Program Files > VMWare not in the Console.
    Where it’s hidden? :)
    And how to use it for converting P to V.



    Re: where is converter in esx 3.5

    VirtualCenter ships with a special-use version of Converter that is in the 4.x series as opposed to the 3.x series which is downloadable from VMware’s website. This version of converter is not as flexible as the downloadable copy.

    You access converter in a round-about way by clicking on the Consolidation button in VirtualCenter which will eventually to guide you the P2V process of physical machine.

    You can also access converter by right clicking on a powered-off VM and choosing the menu item “export” which again will launch the converter utility.

    Additionally, a 3rd way to access converter is to boot from the converter cold-clone boot CD which is downloadable from the VirtualCenter download page.

    For full fledged converter use, download the 3.x version and install it. For this reason, I keep a copy of converter 3.x installed on my VirtualCenter server.



    Re: where is converter in esx 3.5

    Great explanation!
    For fun, I will try all 3 ways that you explained.

    BTW, in your screen shot I see something like Vista transparent glass. Did you install Virtual Center on Vista? I didn’t try to install latest version but previous showed 2000, xp, 2003



    Re: where is converter in esx 3.5

    No Vista. What you see are some image editing filters from a program called Snag It. If you’re job is to write documentation with screenshots, Snag It is a handy utility. I can’t believe I captured print screens and performed manual editing with primative tools for so many years.


    Re: where is converter in esx 3.5

    Here’s a link to an article published today regarding VMware Converter and Consolidation in VirtualCenter:


    Re: where is converter in esx 3.5

    FYI, In VirtualCenter 2.5u2, VMware has moved some things around on us in the GUI. One subsystem is the Update Manager configuration. Another is Converter. You may find there is no longer a big ‘ol Consolidate button in the VIC. If this happens to you, you upgraded VirtualCenter and you need to completely uninstall VirtualCenter and all of its components, reboot, then reinstall all VirtualCenter components.

    Here are the areas where you launch the VMware Converter Import Wizard in VirtualCenter 2.5u2:

    To launch the Import wizard, do one of the following:

    Select Import from the submenu for hosts, clusters, or resource pools under the Inventory menu.
    Select Import from the right-click menu for a host, cluster, or resource pool in the Hosts and Clusters view.
    Select Import from the right-click menu for a folder in the Virtual Machines and Templates view.
    Select Import a Machine from the drop-down menu in the Select a Task to Schedule dialog box. You can access this dialog box by selecting the Scheduled Tasks view > File > New Scheduled Task.

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