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    Petri’s Brad Sams wrote a book about Microsoft Surface which was published this week. He has some good stuff on what might be next for Surface, including a redesigned Surface Pro for next year; an AMD-based Surface Laptop; a Cortana-powered ambient device; a standalone Surface Studio monitor and more. Any of these goodies interesting to anyone here? Or are you not a Surface fan? More here: https://www.thurrott.com/hardware/193465/heres-what-surface-is-planning-to-release-in-2019



    I’ve used Surfaces for several years now – currently on my third Pro and second Book, and I really love them, mainly for the specs crammed into such a small form factor, and the stylus.

    Good use case – as an itinerant MCT, I turn up at clients with a roller stuffed full of laptops, PSUs etc.     In the past I had the same for myself, now I have an SP4 (16Gb, i7, 512Gb SSD) with the course VMs loaded onto it – fits into a rucksack very handily.    The screen resolution lets me view VMs alongside the course PowerPoints.

    My main work machine is a Surface Book 2 (13inch, 8Gb, i5, 256Gb) and I run the course OneNote book on that.     Sharing a common PSU, and long battery life, means I leave one PSU in the hotel and the other at work, flipping a couple of times a day to keep both batteries fairly charged.   I use the Microsoft Sculpt Bluetooth mouse with both of them to save using up a USB port, and the two fit nicely into a small laptop bag or pack.   I love the Windows Hello with the special cameras on both – logging in by glowering at the screen is wonderful, and of course the ultra high screen resolution is great – now a “Full HD” display seems so limited.

    The Surface line does have downsides – an external display on the SP4 Micro DP adaptor can sometimes go silly, requiring a reboot to get it back running.    Similarly the SB (the One particularly, not so much the 2) lost keyboard, requiring use of the detach button to bring it back to life.  The SD Card slot on the SB2 is half height, but full size, so I use a Micro SD card in a special adaptor to keep it from sticking out and getting broken.    Also having the additional storage in the base unit is a pain when detaching the tablet.

    What I would like to see in the next generation….

    SB3 – move external storage and at least one USB port to the tablet, not in the base.    Include the stylus with the package, not as an extra

    SP7 – USB C as well as USB3, and an extra port if possible.    Include the stylus.   Consider a SPLarge (SB 13inch display, SP design with kickstand), and consider 32Gb RAM versions.

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