What does "Logon process:Ginabkg mean"

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    Today I got two events like this

    event id 528
    “Successful Logon: User Name: xxxx Domain: yyyy Logon ID: (0x0,0x5929E) Logon Type: 2 Logon Process: GinaBkg Authentication Package: Negotiate Workstation
    Both after an event id 528 with logon type 11 and logon Process: user32 and the same user.
    What does “Logon Process: Ginabkg” mean?
    This PC is a Windows XP SP3 client and the server is Windows Advanced Server 2000.
    In some forums I found that this related to Novell Client but this PC doesn`t have it installed.
    Best Regards and thanks in advance


    Re: What does "Logon process:Ginabkg mean"

    This might be of some use:

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