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    I created my first VM last year and was using snapshots to back it up. Obviously I created a mess and my system quickly ran out of disk space.

    Under virtual machine settings, it says I am using vmdk 4 as the disk file.

    When I go the the VM folder, it has 4 vmdk files, listed 1-4. I guess each one was created from the snapshots and that vmdk #4 is live.

    Vmdk 1 is 180GB in size the the other 2 are 22 and 43. Is it safe to shut down the virtual machine, and delete vmdks 1 through 3 and clear up some space?

    Ive spen the morning searching through and investigating these forums to no avail. I am sure the answer is somewhere but figured I might have a little more luck simply posting.

    Thank you for any help,


    Re: Vmware workstation, old vmdk files

    Delete all the snapshots in the Workstation UI, it will consolidate and then delete the files.


    Re: Vmware workstation, old vmdk files

    Here is the image showing which vmdk I am using

    Here is an image showing what my VM folder looks like, you will notice vmdk 1-4 halfway down.

    Please fix the urls, as I had to seperate them because I have not posted 5 times yet…

    I deleted all snapshots months ago and the only thing showing in Snapshot Manager is a target with “you are here” written across it.

    The research I have done tells me I should not delete the 1-3 files because they are still read from but can not be written to, so I am a little tentative, as this is a very important VM.

    Is it still safe to delete them, as the above advice mentioned, or should I try to shrink them or…

    Thanks for the time,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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