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    We have following configuration in our Virtual Enviroment:

    PRODUCTION SITE (2 x ESXi Hosts connected with FC to HP-MSA-2040#1 where is Datastore for our 15 Server VMs).

    RECOVERY SITE (1 x ESXi Host connected with FC to HP-MSA-2040#2 where is Datastore for Replicated VMs from Production site made by Acronis VMware).

    In Acronis, we have replication interval for all VMs (15 Server VMs) every 20 min.

    In a case of a problem with ESXi host, we can vMotion VMs between 2 ESXi host in Production site, without any downtime and dataloss.

    In a case of a problem with HP-MSA-2040#1 where are our VMs stored, we are using replicas from Recovery Site – but then we have downtime, and also dataloss (because of 20min replication interval).

    Is there a way / possibility to have “Live” or “Real Time” mirroring for Datastore between our two HP MSA 2040 devices, which will be integrated in vSphere in order to avoid downtime and dataloss? So, if HP-MSA-2040#1 SAN fails that HP-MSA-2040#2 will take over everything?

    Thank you very much.

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