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    My VM infrastructure as:

    1. DS 3400 with 3 LUN’s
    2. ESXi 5 x 3 server
    3. VCenter and Backup Exec on same server (Windows 2003 x64)

    I created Host Group on SAN contains: ESXi’s Servers + the Exec Backup server
    and LUN mapped to Host Group

    the Question is:
    What is the Host type must be for ESXi’s and Exec backup servers:

    i already configured as: ESXi (Linux Cluster) and Exec Backup (Windows Server 2003/2008 Non Clustered)

    Please Advice


    Re: VMware and IBM DS3400 SAN

    That sounds about right..

    But Backup Exec will not be able to really use the data on the LUN – since it formatted with VMFS – and the only thing that can read it is ESX

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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