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    Hi all Im new here and need some help with my project as im stumped. I currently going through for “networking admin.” and now in to Cisco. I had to develop an IP addressing scheme for a larger network, which consists of 56 subnets with the first subnet containing 1-32 subnets and up to 800 hosts on each, and the second subnet 33-56 with up to 12 hosts on each. I had to choose a single class A private address to accommodate all the 56 subnets (which that was easy)
    I chose /14
    which gave me: – and a broadcast address of – and a broadcast address of
    all the way up and my last address being – and broadcast address of

    now here is where my problem starts
    I have to use VLSM to optimize the addressing scheme by further subdividing the last subnet. I have to choose a subnet mask that will generate enough subnets to accommodate all the 24 smaller subnets I created with enough host address space to accommodte all there 12 hosts.

    so i choose to give me 30 subnets with 524,286 hosts (of course adding the 2 to eachfor network and broadcast)
    so using my last subnet which was

    and my new mask of
    my results dont seem to look right to me here is what i got. Does it look right and if not can someone help to let me know where Im going wrong please and thank you, greatly appreciated

    Subnet Number Range of valid host addresses Broadcast address /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to /18 to

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