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    Gentleman (and ladies?)

    i wrote the following script to enum the print drivers:

    dim objMaster, objDriver
    set objMaster = CreateObject(”PrintMaster.PrintMaster.1″)
    for each objDriver in objMaster.Drivers(”\server”)
    wscript.echo “DriverName : ” & objDriver.ModelName
    wscript.echo “Version : ” & objDriver.Version
    wscript.echo “DriverVersion : ” & objDriver.DriverVersion
    wscript.echo “DriverPath : ” & objDriver.Path
    wscript.echo “Environment : ” & objDriver.Environment
    wscript.echo “DriverEnv : ” & objDriver.DriverArchitecture
    wscript.echo “MonitorName : ” & objDriver.MonitorName

    its a great script to enum the printerdrivers on a remote machine, but now i want to modify this script to use this for a local computer, but that doesn’t work.

    i only replaced the \server for a . (dot)

    the following error is what i got:
    the parameter is incorrect.

    when i replaced the \server for \computername is the following error i got:

    The environment specified is invalid.
    even when i used the FQDN

    thnx for the support!
    anyone got a clue what or why this happens here?

    edit: im using the prnadmin.dll from the windows 2000 resource kit (xp client)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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