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    My first server (windows 2003) is configured as an AD. My second server is installed with SQL 2000 and SharePoint Portal Server. Microsoft advised to create a user for SharePoint Portal server and to make it a member of the group “Power Users”, so I created a domain user and made it member of the local group “Power Users” on the server with SQL and SPS installed.

    “SharePoint Portal Administration”, “SharePoint Portal Alert”, “SharePoint Portal Administration” and “Microsoft Sharepoint Search Engine” are all running on this server. As well the IISAppPools were SPS runs on it’s identity is set to this user.

    The installation went fine but after this I’ve noticed some strange behaviours. I’m not able to read ActiveDirectory and also the “Microsoft Sharepoint Search Engine” won’t start because of secutiry rights.

    The only way to fix all these problems is to make the user member of the group “Domain Admins”. This sounds not very nice to me, so I’m wondering what kind of configuration/users are you using? Is this the only way to make it work?

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