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    I need to upgrade my active directory server 2003 to 2008.

    To be on the safer side i have taken a backup of my windows 2003 system ie for the active directory and when i tried to restore the backup on my virtual machine with windows 2003 in active directory restore mode, restore shows complete but on restarting my machine virtual machine hangs.I followed the method in technet for backup and restore.

    I have tried to restore the backup in the following scenarios but all have failed:?
    1) any existing windows 2003 with AD and all other applns
    2) Fresh windows 2003 installn, No ActiveDirectory.
    3) Fresh windows 2003 installn, ActiveDirectory installed.

    How can i successfully restore the backup of my windows 2003 Active directory on another new windows 2003 .Pls help.this is urgent!!


    Re: Unable to restore windows 2003 active directory backup

    Is the VM hosted on the DC you are backing up?
    If not have a look at the considerations for restoring onto different hardware:

    It is possible to restore a domain controller onto different hardware. However, you should consider the following issues:

    Different hardware abstraction layers (HALs). By default, the Hal.dll is not backed up as part of system state, however the Kernel32.dll is. Therefore, if you try to restore a backup onto a computer that requires a different HAL (for example, to support a multiprocessor environment) compatibility issues exist between the new HAL and the original Kernel32.dll. To overcome this incompatibility, manually copy the Hal.dll from the original computer and install it on the new computer. The limitation is that the new computer can use only a single processor.

    Incompatible Boot.ini File. If you backup and restore the boot.ini file, you might have some incompatibility with your new hardware configuration, resulting in a failure to start. Before you restore it, ensure that the boot.ini file is correct for your new hardware environment.

    Different Network or Video Cards. If your new hardware has a different video adapter or multiple network adapters, then uninstall them before you restore data. When you restart the computer; the normal Plug and Play functionality makes the necessary changes.

    Disk Space and Partition Configuration. Partitions on the new computer must match those on the original computer. Specifically, all the drive mappings must be the same and the partition size must be at least equal to that on the original computer.


    It is meant for windows 2000 but should apply to 2003


    Re: Unable to restore windows 2003 active directory backup

    It’s nice to see someone with a plan before they start messing with AD…

    yeah as L4ndy said seems liek your trying to restore to different hardware.

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